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Jericho Road Inc. is a 501(c) 3 community based organization that is the vision of  Dr. Elena Bascom, a survivor of domestic violence (DV).

About Jericho Road Dv

Jericho Road Inc. is a 501(c) 3 community based organization that is the vision of Dr. Elena Bascom, a survivor of domestic violence (DV). Due to her experiences as a child and as a victim of domestic violence, Dr. Bascom began outreach work to help other women who were in similar situations. Through this journey, Jericho Road Inc. was born.


The group operated simply as volunteers in north Brooklyn for several years as an unincorporated entity and an unregistered organization. They have conducted several community-based projects geared to meeting the needs of the people. However, the helping of family members, especially those who are victims of domestic violence, is now the organization’s immediate focus.


Seminars & Workshop

The workshop will consist of formation of the batterer. Domestic violence is a unisex problem unlocking the insecurities in either gender. We unveil the history of the aggressor in his or her once vulnerable state.

Negative Behaviors

We discuss the sub categories of domestic violence low self esteem in which a person willingly accepts certain forms of negative behaviors based on the way they feel about themselves.

Why do They Stay?

We discuss the most asked question of domestic violence, Why do they stay with an abuser. Most have no clue to why a person would allow someone to verbally or physically abuse them.

Abused Family

The Cry of Tamar and the abused family.  The Essence of the Me Too campaign

Antonio Bascom

Has received a Masters in a Bachelor of Science and minor in Juvenile Delinquency from John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Has a 20 background in law enforcement

Has received certifications

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Life Coach

Counseling Children & Adolescents

Advance Child Psychology

Neuro-Linguistic Practicioner

Psychology and Therapy of Addictions

Rational Emotive behavior

Gestalt psychotherapy

Emily LaBorde

Emily LaBorde is a LMSW and has been in the profession since 2001 earning her MSW from New York University.


Emily has worked with children, adolscents, adults and families with in the NYC DOE, NYC ACS, NYC JJS, DOMHH, Community Based Organizations and Community Hospital(s).

Jericho Road Global Initiative



Jericho Road Inc. Global Initiative is a platform for women and children to bring social and economic reform. Most importantly, help educate and bring resources to the youth to inspire change. We believe poverty, lack of resources and violence in the home has destroyed the family structure globally and we want to create opportunities and resources that fulfill basic human needs.

Our mission restore the family, bring awareness and educate our families. Every child has the right to grow in a safe environment with opportunities and resources.


Our first part of the journey Panama

Jericho Road Inc TV

 join Jericho Road Inc. as we take a stand against domestic violence. Join us as we walk in support of all the victims and give them a voice. Proceeds will benefit the Family Justice Center in Brooklyn, NY which provides services for dv survivors and we will purchase baby clothes for a local shelter that houses women and children who survived domestic violence .. If you can't attend the walk, you can make a tax deductible donation of your choice. For any questions email us at

Christmas Program

The Event

Jericho Road Inc. Christmas program is designed to inspire and teach our children about health relationships and damaging effects of domestic violence.  Unfortunately many of our young men and women witness domestic violence in the home and ultimate imitate the abuser and his negative behavior patterns.  Exposure to domestic violence may teach the child that physical aggression is an acceptable means to gain control over others.  Our Christmas program is designed to inspire our

youth and help break the patterns of abuse in their lives

Upcoming Events

Block Parties Event

Sponsor For The Event

Mothers Day Event

Jericho Road is sponsoring our annual program “Veneration of the Queen”. It is program honoring all the mothers and their continual selfless sacrifice and endless love they share with us. Our goal in this event is to honor and pamper 30 women experiencing domestic violence as well as bring awareness to the community.


Please help us to honor and celebrate our Mother’s, our hero’s of past, present and future

Domestic Violence Walk

we are marching to unite the community against abuse of our women and children. every year we lose lives to domestic violence  and we are going to create a social change in our community. taking the power away from the abuser and giving it to the survivor not the victim. please join is in the fight against violence.

The Book

THE SURVIVOR SERIES: Stories of woman who survived the impossible

pastor Dr. Elena sterling Bascom of the christian crossroads ministry has unselfishly dedicated her life to serving god ever since god has empowered her to act as his emissary.

All the things that i didn't get, i want to give .i want to to make

difference in people's lives.


-Dr. Rev. elena bascom

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“ My father was very controlling, as well as antisocial and physically abusive to my mom. Father left home when we were very young. He traveled to London and never returned until we were grown. It took a while for us to overcome the emotional trauma of our father’s departure, but as time passed we learned what it really meant. There was no money anywhere. My father was the only source of income. He walked out the door with all our hopes for financial security…” Now, Diana is a special

education teacher with two master degrees.”


“ IDecember 24, 1979, he (my husband) was out the whole night. I was in the kitchen making oatmeal to feed my kids breakfast when he come in at about nine in the morning and said, “What’s taking so long to make my breakfast?” I was still making the food and not saying anything and he continued, “Have you ever had hot oatmeal thrown on you?”…And I didn’t say anything, I just looked out the window and I ‘m like, “Oh God,” and the next thing I know he took the pot off the stove and just pours it on me…” Now, Phyllis is a professional dialysis technician. ”


“Most of the time my father was drunk… and he was a gambler… There was always fighting over money because he didn’t bring any money home…  But they were getting into it more and more, and one night my sister told him, “I am tired of you beating my mother!”… My sister went forward and we all followed her and jumped in, and then it was something that I will never forget. My mother kept saying, even though he was beating her, “Don’t hit your father, that’s your father, get off your father!” That taught me a lesson…” Currently, Nadine is an accountant”

Scholarship Program

In a perfect world, you could read this letter and give when you have the extra cash.

But that's not the world we live in, is it? Rarely does an opportunity to do good come along when we're well-prepared for it. For the past several years, Jericho Road, Inc. has provided scholarships to children in the community with access to:




Educational Seminars and

Recreational programs.

Our financial aid comes from donations contributed by various generous people and organizations. Our volunteers also contribute their might to the cause.

Poverty is everywhere and the most potent weapon against it is education. But poverty does not nurture education due to lack of funding. The students who are brilliant and want to have a higher education have to depend on scholarships in order to make their dreams of higher education come true.

Our Blog

Every day faced with plethora of adverse situations in our life that causes despair and discomfort. Unfortunately, domestic abuse lives in silence and causes the person getting abused to feel isolated and alone. As a result, we created a place where people can share painful memories and get different perspectives on relationships and life issues. Please join us and share your thoughts.


Has anyone mad you feel inferior in a relationship?


And has it destroyed your self-worth?

Read More

Our Partners

Community Affairs

We welcome the community and our partners in our stand against abuse and honoring our survivors.  Everyday is a constant struggle and we would appreciate if you support our partners and help keep the vision alive.



The Donate

The psychological affects of domestic violence can be felt long after the violence has ended. Unfortunately, many women and children experiencing violence in the home are rendered homeless upon making the decision to leave their abuser. Help us to plant the seeds of inspiration and create a new beginning for our survivors.

The Referral Service

Jericho is on the forefront saving families and connecting them to resources that is needed for their transition for their transition in life. Please contact us if you


find yourself in need of help

Do You Need Of Help?

My State Call Us : 347 762-9416

Emergency Issues Please Call 800 621 HOPE

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